Reconceiving the British Isles

The Literature of the Archipelago

Eight lectures with full audio and text, available to download from University College Dublin.

Edna Longley

Poems and Paradigms

Julian Wolfreys

‘I have only one culture, and it is not mine’:
Professions of English Diaspora

Alice Entwistle

‘Neither here not there, and therefore home’:
Dynamism and Deixis in Some Contemporary Poetry

Claire Connolly

Four Nations Feminism: Una Troy and Menna Gallie

Peter Mackay

Scottish and Irish Second World War Poetry

Nick Groom

Alright, Jack? Conflict and Cohesion in the UK, 2005-2010

Michael Gardiner

England Versus English Literature

John Brannigan

Dreaming of the Islands: The Poetry of the Shipping Forecast

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