Current PhD Students in Victorian Studies

Gill Moore John Plunkett The representation of the material culture of 'big game hunting' in the 'Age of Empire'
Zoe Bulaitis Regenia Gagnier Liberal and Neoliberal Education: The changing value of the Humanities
Dominique Gracia Regenia Gagnier Ekphrasis and Victorian Poetry
Lucy Morse Regenia Gagnier Democratizing the Landscape
Jennifer Grove Rebecca Langlands Anglo-American Collectors of sexually-related antiquities in the nineteenth and early twentieth century
Sarah-Louise Hopkins Vike Plock Ghosts, Trauma and the Sublime in Victorian and Contemporary Literature
Rachel Kiddey Jane Spencer The Progressive ideas of Anna Letitia Barbauld
Christina Lake Angelique Richardson Improving on Nature: Eugenics and Utopias
Rebecca Welshman Tim Kendall Archaeology in the Literature of Thomas Hardy
Mark Rawlins Angelique Richardson Wessex Writers
Christina Lake Angelique Richardson Eugenics and Utopias
Helen Angear Angelique Richardson Hardy's Correspondents
Samantha Briggs Angelique Richardson Architecture and Thomas Hardy
Simon Magus Paul Young Rider Haggard and the Imperial Occult: Hermetic Narrative and Romantic Contiguity
Ellena Deeley Paul Young Entwined Bodies: Conjoined Twins and Bodies Politic
Marc Ricard Paul Young Fantastical Flora: Vegetal Imaginaries in Victorian Fin de Siècle Literature
Heather Hind Tricia Zakreski Hairwork in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture
Helena Drysdale Daisy Hay 'State of Emergency' on Greece and George Bowen and the Murray Handbooks
Lucy Whitehead Daisy Hay Dickens and Biography
James Downs John Plunkett ‘Ministers of the ‘Black Art’: the uses of photography by the clergy in Britain, 1839-1909’
Eleanor Shipton John Plunkett ‘Postal networks, postal bodies and the movement of information in Victorian fiction’
Edward Falvey Joe Kember Reading the Cinematic City: Iconography, Transformations, and the Birth of New York City
Chris Grosvenor Joe Kember Cinema on the Frontline: A History of Military Cinema Exhibition during WWI and WWII
Tony Lidington Joe Kember co-supervision with Jane Milling The Itinerant British Showman: the exploration and evolution of ‘Seer Performance’
James Green Corinna Wagner Nerves, Networks, and Delay: Physiology and the Sensation Novel