Completed PhDs in Victorian Studies

Samantha Briggs

'Architecture and Thomas Hardy’; Faculty Associate, Arizona State University

Leslie Hill

Victorian Women Literary Collaborators, McLelland School Pueblo, Colorado

Hsiu-Feng Chou

Darwin in China

Hannah Lewis-Bill

Dickens and Tea

Jessica Allsop

Curios, Cabinets, and the Indefinably Odd: Private Collectors and Public Exhibition in the Victorian South-West

Jonathon Memel

Hardy and Education

Claire Furlong

Science and Gender in Popular Periodicals, 1830-1850

Rebecca Mills

Elegy and Place

Ryan Patterson

Portrayal and reception of machine guns and military technology in the Victorian public sphere during the African expeditions of the 1860s and 70s

Sascha Klement

Representations of Global Civility: English Travellers in the Ottoman Empire and the South Pacific, 1636-1863

Ros Leveridge

Dignified and Discreet’: The Development of Popular Entertainment in Devon Coastal Resorts, 1870-1914

Fiona Petit

Freak Shows in Britain 1870-1900: Interactions of Popular Entertainment and Medical Curiosity


Jude Piesse

'British Settler Emigration in Print: Mainstream Models and Counter-Currents, 1832-1877.'

Demelza Hookway

'The John Millennium': John Stuart Mill in Victorian Culture.

Rebecca Welshman

Imagining Archeology: Nature and Landscape in the work of Thomas Hardy and Richard Jefferies.

Ana Rosso

Representations of Female Eroticism and Desire in Britain and France: 1850 - 1900.


Fiona Pettit

Freaks in Late Nineteenth-Century British Media and Medicine.

William Abberley

Language under the Microscope: Science and Philology in English Fiction, 1850-1914.

Victoria Bates

'Not an Exact Science': Medical Approaches to Age and Sexual Offences in England 1850-1914.

Mike Bender

Masculinity and the British Yachting Narrative 1889 to 1939.

Ben Carver

Arranging the Past, Reconsidering the Present: the Emergence of Alternate History in the Nineteenth Century.


Dermot Coleman

Being Good with Money: Economic Bearings in George Eliot's Ethical and Social Thought.

Andrew Griffiths

'The Wildest Oriental Romance': The British Empire and the Popular Print Media, 1884 -1902.

Rosalind Leveridge

'Limelights and Shadows': Popular and Visual Culture in South West England, 1880-1914.


Darren Bevin

The Struggle for Ascendancy: John Ruskin, Albert Smith and the Alpine Aesthetic.

Kate Hext

Walter Pater's Philosophical Aesthetic of Self-Perfection.

Maria Ioannou

The Function of Frivolous Beauty in Victorian Literature.

Donna Maynard

Reading Space in Nineteenth Century Fiction.


Tamsin Kilner O'Byrne

Empire of the Imagination: Victorian Popular Fiction and the Occult.

Halle Marshall

Bilogy and Possibility: The Scientific Writings of Grant Allen, 1858-1899.

Keith Hooper

Ecclesiastical Documentarist and Angelic Gospel Writer: Religious Representations in the Early Works of Dickens.


Laura Daniels

Victorian Psychology in Sensation and New Woman Fiction.

Sunie Fletcher

Beauty, Flowers and Flesh: Female-Aesthete Novelists of the Fin de Diecle and Beyond.

Christopher Pittard

Purity and Genre: Late Victorian Detective Fiction.


Christopher Barker

The Stone and the Shell: The Image of the Arab and the Romantic Sublime in the Poetry of Wordsworth and Coleridge.


Oliver Jenkin

Factional Pasts: The Shifting Relations Between Nineteenth-Century Historiography and Historical Fiction, 1814-1870.

John Michael Smith-Rawnsley

Baggy Monsters in Cages: The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists and the Limitations of Literary Realism.

Florina Tufescu

Oscar Wilde's Decadent Plagiarism: The Spectacular Restoration of Classical Theory and Practice.


Martin Delveaux

Early Green Narratives and the Rise of Bioregionalism.  An Ecocritical Perspective on British Fiction, 1880-1920.

Patricia Milton

'A Scythia Within England': The Literary Representations of Dartmoor, from Early Times to 1914.

Suzanne Nunn

Lines of Engagement: Changing Representations of the Doctor Through the Middle-Class Appropriation of Graphic Satire 1800-1858.

Maria Fernanda Penaloza

Ethnographic Curiosity and the Aesthetics of Othering: Nineteenth-Century British Representations of Argentine Patagonia.

Tim Worth

Imperial Attitudes: G.A. Henty: Empire, Nationhood and Character.


Clare Bainbridge

Noble Bastards: The Silver Fork Novel, Politics and History.

Elizabeth Galway

From Nursery Rhymes to Nationhood: Constructing Canadian National Identity through Children's Literature, 1867-1911.

Gail Levitt

Anti-Vivisection Writing 1875-1910 and its Cultural Context.

Hilary Margaret Markwick

Constructions of Masculinity in the Novels of Anthony Trollope.

Ann Oakins

The Moral Art of Charles Reade: Celibacy and the Construction of Gender.


Anne Anderson

The High Art Maiden: Edward Burne-Jones and The Girls on The Golden Stairs. Women and British Aestheticism c. 1860-1900.


Grace Moore

Dickens's Others: Discourses of Class, Race and Colonialism in the Work of Charles Dickens.

Ann Swyderski

Emily Dickinson and Elizabeth Barratt Browning: "The Outer – from the Inner / Derives Its Magnitude".