'Glashedy from Malin' by Norman Ackroyd

The Atlantic Archipelagos Research Project

The Atlantic Archipelagos Research Project (AARP) was formed in October 2010 in partnership with the Moore Institute (National University of Ireland, Galway) and with funding from the University of Exeter and the British Academy. The aim of the project is to imagine, map, and develop the identities, cartographies and cultural ecologies of the Atlantic Archipelago. We ask how old ideas of the British Isles relate to identities emerging from a range of more complex configurations. AARP takes an interdisciplinary view on how Britain’s post-devolution state inflects the formation of post-split Welsh, Scottish and English identities in the context of Ireland’s own experience of partition and self-rule. Might new (and old) relations across traditional borders and boundaries tell us different stories about the cultures of a place that an over-arching nationalism does not do justice? 

The Atlantic Archipelagos Research Project has been formed to build and develop such a framework through the organisation of conferences, lectures and summer schools for early stage researchers, and through the publication of articles and books.

For more information, contact Professor Nick Groom, or visit the full project page under the department of English.