Witchcraft, Magic and Gender in Literature (TRU3002)

30 credits

This optional module will introduce students to the theme of magic and witchcraft in British and American literature and film, exploring what the supernatural means for the literary, gender, class, identity and aesthetic politics of texts. The module begins with a section on Medieval and early modern texts about witchcraft and magic (weeks 1-4), establishing the historical roots of the subject, before examining reworkings of demonological ideas in modern literature (weeks 5- 6). Weeks 7-8 examine the Salem witchcraft episode and its impact on American culture in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Week 9 sums up British and American rewritings of witchcraft episodes in historical novels in Writing Back?, a theme continued in the final section of the module Popular Cultures (weeks 10-11), which explores witchcraft and magic in children's literature, chick lit and chick flicks, cartoons and teen drama