Romantic Revisions (TRU3013)

30 credits

This module will investigate the profound poetic innovations that took place during the Romantic
period, examining a range of early to high Romantic poetry. The module each week explores a
chosen form or theme, through representative poets. Specifically, the aim each week is to
discuss innovations and renovations in structure, technique and outlook. Generally, across the
module, familiar high Romantic themes—the power of the imagination, the relationship between
self and Nature, and the politics of revolution—will be re-assessed against early Romantic
treatments of landscape and subjectivity, such as the ‘picturesque’ and ‘the sublime’, and
against other significant cultural and poetic concerns of the day, such as slavery protest,
Orientalism and the codification of science. Similarly, the ‘big six’ Romantics will be read
alongside a full range of not-so-canonical poets, in order to appreciate the diversity of poetic
activity in the Romantic age.