The 21st Century Museum (EAS3245)

30 credits

This module introduces students to recent museum practices and models. Students will be offered the opportunity to explore a range of emergent practices spanning from education, digital, preservation, marketing and curation. They will evaluate these practices through methodologies and theories drawn from Museum Studies, Digital Humanities, Performance Studies, Art, New Media, and Visual Culture. They will also think about ways in which museums structure learning and education activities. Students will explore key concepts including: interaction and participation; augmented and virtual reality; gameful design; community; experience economy and globalisation; archive and documentation; mobile and free learning. Students will also learn about how museums operate as organisations; how they design and market their relationships to visitors, both in the museum and online; how they use a range of technologies and learning strategies to reach out to different groups; and how they produce novel forms of aesthetic and economic value. The module requires no prior knowledge of or skills in museum studies and is open to anyone with an interest in the current and future developments of the museums. It may be of particular interest of those students who are considering a career in the museum sector.