Theatrical Cultures: Renaissance to Restoration (EAS2105)

30 credits

Theatrical Cultures: Renaissance to Restoration tracks the development of English drama from the Elizabethan period through to the early eighteenth century. The module has a strong focus on theatre history, which it combines with a consideration of dramatic genres and fashions, thematic concerns, production contexts and technical/architectural developments. Students will learn about the distinct theatrical cultures of the Elizabethan public stages, private performances at court and in indoor venues in Stuart England, and public theatres in Restoration and eighteenth-century London. The module’s texts will illuminate how cultural developments, such as the increasing opportunities for women’s participation in theatrical culture, the influence of European dramatic models or the growth of commerce and a mercantile middle class, are related to the development of English drama.


This module is aimed at SH English and CH English and Drama or English and History students. It has no prerequisites, although Level 1 “Rethinking Shakespeare” (English) is a good preparation. It is quite demanding for students with no prior experience of English Literature, Drama and/or English History.