Creative Writing: Building a Story (EAS2031)

30 credits

The module develops a toolbox of writing techniques and approaches for contemporary short fiction. It will prepare you for the contemporary writing world by focusing on the kinds of writing that are being published at the present time, while examining the production of literary texts within their traditions and lineages. Through practical exercises and seminar discussions, you will explore a variety of textual forms, styles and content and build a project according to your own tastes and interests showing how you have implemented the techniques taught on the course.

The course comprises a fortnightly lecture on key aspects of short story writing, as well as technical material on the set texts; a weekly 2-hour seminar that helps you develop the techniques introduced in the lectures, and fortnightly ‘Journal Workshops’ to receive and give detailed criticism and feedback on your works in progress. These approaches are designed to enhance the understanding of the practice, as well as the historical, social and critical contexts that produce short story writing and writers.

Students taking this module are NOT eligible to take the other Level 2 Creative Writing module ‘Making A Poem’.