Movie Mavericks: Creativity, Crisis and Change in 1970s Hollywood (EAFM082)

30 credits

This module offers you the opportunity to look in depth one of the most innovative and extraordinary periods of American cinema, one marked by creative and commercial extremes, ranging from deeply personal ‘auteur’ filmmaking from landmark figures such as Martin Scorsese, Robert Altman, and Woody Allen, to major trends in the ‘corporate’ blockbuster or ‘event’ picture, and the emergence of genres such as Sci-Fi and Horror as top ranking productions. You’ll look at the Hollywood Renaissance, the debates over the New Hollywood, key directors, genres, and the role of film criticism in fostering an appreciation of the importance of cinema in America in the era of Vietnam, Watergate, and the Women’s Rights Movement. The 1970s is a crucial decade for shaping the contours of the cinema we have today, and the module takes you to the heart of the trends and developments that comprised this momentous and much debated period of Hollywood’s history.