Creative Film Dissertation (EAF3516)

30 credits

This module gives the opportunity to pursue a sustained piece of visual media film production of your choosing, in the form of either a short film or creative video essay (min length 3 minutes, max length 8 minutes). You will have the chance to develop both your imaginative and critical abilities through the completion of this critical visual work, alongside a critical commentary. The critical commentary can either be on a topic related to the video essay, or a self-reflexive commentary on the creative research process. You must submit an individual film, with your own edit, even if you have worked on the film as part of a team.

You will participate in group workshops early in the term before choosing your project in consultation with academic staff and then complete the visual creative work, and critical commentary of 3,000 words, under appropriate academic supervision.

The dissertation provides the opportunity to gain skills in active learning, research and writing.