Term 3 - The Tell Tale Heart
The Tell-Tale Heart, performed in Roborough Studio 1, June 2010 (photo by Rosie Grindrod)

Term 3

Term Three (T3) is seven weeks long and provides a series of opportunities for Drama students to create additional self-directed non-assessed work by producing their own performances, taking part in workshops, getting technical and practical training, working with students on other programmes within the department, taking careers and employability workshops, getting involved with staff research, and watching over 60 brand-new performances. 

T3 allows participants to try out new ways of working, new roles they've not experienced before, and to create brand new work. Aside from being valuable CV-building experience, the process enables groups to work across all years, learning from each other, and getting feedback from a range of different audiences. 
T3 is a no-risk fringe-style experience where the Drama department provides technical support, provides props, costume, sets from stock, and allows students to create scratch performances, some of which have gone on to the RAW Platform, and to be toured following graduation. 

Towards the end of Term 2, Roborough Studios hosts the T3 Squash when as many directors as possible get together and potential actors sign up for auditions (or even do on-the-spot auditions).

A Facebook group (search T3 Drama Festival) contains audition information and you can also follow #T3Festival on Twitter.

Check back closer to the start of Term 3 for event listings.

Term 3 Festival

Previous Term 3 Events

Term Three 2010 - 2011


  • Howard Barker's premiere production of BLOK/EKO, Exeter Northcott (9th - 11th June)

    With its cast of 110, BLOK/EKO is a surging, boiling crucible of language and imagery about obsession. It is about pain, poetry and medicine, and most touchingly, the lifelong passion of a queen for her servant.
    A major writer of modern European theatre, Howard Barker writes plays that fearlessly explore power and sexuality with a poetic and compelling language that is rich in ideas, beauty and dramatic violence.
    Seize this rare opportunity to encounter Barker’s company The Wrestling School, in a plethoric experience of total theatre. This is an award-winning ensemble that has a reputation for outstanding productions, which challenge and inspire audiences with their highly theatrical and imaginative use of language, sound and image.

Week One

Wednesday 4 May at 12.30pm - Workshop Wednesday - Dance (Evelyn O'Malley and Kathrin Rosenberg) (TS2)
Thursday 5 May at 10.30am - Photography Workshop (Phil Ehmann and Vicky Wheeler) (Alexander Building)
Thursday 5 May at 8pm - Red Oleanders presented by Sourdough Theatre - Open Dress Rehearsal (TS2)

Week Two

Monday 9 May at 7pm - Premiere showing of 'Adventures with the Wizard' (RS1)
Monday 9 May at 9pm - 1am - T3 Launch Party (Amber Rooms)
Tuesday 10 May at 10am - 2 Day Multimedia Workshop (Day 1) TS3
Tuesday 10 May at 5pm and 7.30pm - Utena (RS2)
Wednesday 11 May at 10am - 2 Day Multimedia Workshop (Day 2) TS3
Wednesday 11 May at 12.30pm - Workshop Wednesday - Setting up a Theatre Company (Richard Feltham)
Wednesday 11 May at 2pm - Paines Plough Workshop
Wednesday 11 May at 6pm and 7pm - Multimedia Workshop showing (TS3)
Sunday 15 May - Sports Day - Fun games, Rounders, Rugby - Flowerpot Field

Week Three

Tuesday 17 May at 5pm and 7pm - Eight by Ella Hickson (TS1)
Wednesday 18 May at 12.30pm - Workshop Wednesday - Psychophysical and movement training for actors
Wednesday 18 May at 7.30pm - Black Beast Sorrow by Anja Hilling (RS2)
Thursday 19 May at 7.30pm - Talking Heads (TS2)
Saturday 21 May at 5pm and 7pm - Pasta (RS2)

Week Four

Monday 23 May at 5pm and 7.30pm - Caroline (TS2)
Monday 23 May at 6pm - MA/MFA Staging Shakespeare - The Taming of the Shrew (dir. Kim Carrell)
Tuesday 24 May at 5pm and 7pm - Making Amends (TS2)
Wednesday 25 May at 12.30pm - Workshop Wednesday - Auditioning (Raphael Massie and Elyse Emmerling)
Wednesday 25 May at 5pm and 7pm - The Almost Moon (RS1)
Sunday 29 May at 3pm, 5pm and 7pm - Nineteen Forever (TS2)

Week Five

Monday 30 May at 5.30pm and 7.30pm - Hunky Dory (TS3)
Monday 30 May at 4.30pm - PhD Performance Practice showing - Peera (TS2)
Tuesday 31 May at 12pm - 8.30pm (continuous performances) - Ever Dream (RS)
Wednesday 1 June at 12.30pm - Workshop Wednesday - Self Employment (SR1)
Wednesday 1 June at 6pm and 8pm - Beyond the Illusion (RS2)
Thursday 2 June at 4pm and 6pm - Game Over (Sarah Yeoman) (TS2)
Thursday 2 June at 4pm and 7.30pm - Staging Songs (RS2)
Friday 3 June at 5pm and 7pm - Forgotten Boy (TS3)
Saturday 4 June at 5pm - MA/MFA Theatre Practice performances (TS1/TS2)
Sunday 5 June at 5pm and 7.30pm  - The Beautiful Lie - An Adaptation of Dorian Gray (TS1)

Week Six

Monday 6 June at 5pm and 7pm - Foreground / Opt. (TS2)
Monday 6 June (time tbc) - MA/MFA Staging Shakespeare - Othello (RS2)
Tuesday 7 June at 2pm and 6pm - MA/MFA Staging Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet (RS1)
Wednesday 8 June at 12.30pm - Workshop Wednesday - Applied Acting
Wednesday 8 June at 7.30pm - MA/MFA Staging Shakespeare - Pericles (site-specific - County Hall)
Thursday 9 June at 2pm and 6pm - MA/MFA Staging Shakespeare - Honour: a musical re-imagining of Shakespeare's King Henry IV part 1 (RS2)
Thursday 9 June at 7.30pm - BLOK/EKO (Howard Barker) - Exeter Northcott
Thursday 9 June at 5pm and 7pm - Tower (TS2)
Friday 10 June at 5pm and 7pm - Hotel, Remember (TS3)
Friday 10 June at 7.30pm - BLOK/EKO (Howard Barker) - Exeter Northcott
Saturday 11 June at 5pm and 7pm - When We Dead Awaken (RS1)
Saturday 11 June at 4pm and 6pm - Mask Theatre Performance (TS2)
Saturday 11 June at 7.30pm - BLOK/EKO (Howard Barker) - Exeter Northcott
Sunday 12 June at 5pm and 7pm - The Naked Lunch (RS1)
Sunday 12 June at 6pm and 8pm - Plenty of Fish in the Desert (RS2)

Week Seven

Monday 13 June at 5pm and 7.30pm - Mask Theatre Performance (TS2)
Tuesday 14 June at 2pm and 6pm - MA/MFA Staging Shakespeare performances - Ferdinand & Luise and Venus & Adonis (RS2)
Tuesday 14 June at 4pm and 8pm - Clippings (TS2)
Tuesday 14 June at 5pm and 7pm - I Will Catch You A Story (TS1)
Wednesday 15 June at 6pm and 8pm - TRAIN (TS2)
Wednesday 15 June at 7pm - Cymbeline (site-specific)
Thursday 16 June at 5pm and 8pm - Neverwhere (RS2)
Thursday 16 June at 4pm and 7pm - The Hermit King (TS3)

Term Three 2009-2010

The first Term 3 Festival in 2010 was a great success. Over 40 different events took place, including the world premiere of two Polish plays, 38 brand new pieces of work by Exeter Drama students, along with workshops and talks from 'Is a PGCE Right for me' to 'Stage Combat - Beginning Unarmed', via auditioning workshops and circus skills.

Students also produced seven episodes of 'T3 Talkback' featuring interviews with directors and cast, excerpts from productions and workshops, and there was a successful sports day!