Dr Pieter Verstraete

Research supervision

Co-supervision of PhD Candidates:

  • Jack Robson, University of Exeter, “Small-scale Touring Theatre in the South West Region” (commenced September 2010, finishing in 2013)
  • Sukanya Sompiboon, University of Exeter, “The Contemporary Reinvention of Thai Traditional Theatre: Experimental Likay Praxis” (commenced December 2009, finishing in 2012)
  • Erin Walcon, University of Exeter, “Vital Spaces, Vital Signs: An Exploration of Performance-based Methods of Engagement to Facilitate Dialogue between Localized Power Structures and Youth Participants” (commenced October 2009, finishing in 2012)
  • Richard Feltham, University of Exeter, “Drama in the Workplace” (commenced October 2008, finished March 2012)

Supervision of Graduate students:

  • James Johnston, University of Exeter, "Silver Age Russian Theatre: The Cultural Dialogue between Avant-Garde Practitioner and Society in Staged Performance" (commenced June 2011, finished May 2012)
  • Dan Wiseman, University of Exeter, “An Exploration into Digital Sandboxes” (commenced June 2011, finished May 2012)
  • Jack Mead, University of Exeter, “Plato's Drama: How Plato’s Dialogues are Performative Narratives, and How Plato’s Pedagogy has influenced 20th Century Theatre” (commenced June 2011, finished May 2012)
  • Hannah Walker, University of Exeter “‘Is In-yer-face Theatre Just a Case of Cultural Tourism?’ An Analysis of the Aesthetics, Ethics and Politics of the ‘In-yer-face’ Theatre Sensibility” (commenced September 2011, finished May 2012)
  • William Platt, University of Exeter, “Solidarity, Empowerment and Resistance: An Investigation Into the Politics of Palestinian Community Theatre” (commenced June 2011, finished May 2012)
  • Lieke van Hoogenhuyze, University of Amsterdam, “Giacomo Puccini, Robert Wilson en ik – Het open-werk concept en Madama Butterfly” (commenced September 2006, finished August 2007)
  • Mirjam Altena, University of Amsterdam, “Aids & Theatre. How Performances can be used in furthering AIDS Awareness” (commenced June 2005, finished March 2006)