Photo of Professor Cathy Turner

Professor Cathy Turner

Public engagement

Wrights & Sites have curated work for festivals and a public art work for Weston-super-Mare. Our 'Mis-Guides' have been used in schools and colleges worldwide. Most recently, I have contributed to discussions at RAMM concerning ways of engaging children with the collections.

My project on 'Porous Dramaturgy' has brought academics and practitioner-academics together with practitioners and producers outside the academy in discussions about interactivity and community. This has facilitated workshops held in Northern Ireland by project partners Tinderbox and artist Katarina Pejovic, which culminated in a workshop demonstration and discussion for an invited audience. This workshop, was partly concerned with knowledge exchange and partly brought local concerns to bear in considering and developing the research.

I am beginning to develop research into the garden as a performance space. I am involved in the Little Silver/Russell Terrace Garden Project and contributed an audio-performance for that space, within the Ignite Festival, Exeter, 2013. 

Contribution to discipline

Editor of Palgrave 'New Dramaturgies' series, with Synne Behrndt.