Professor Cathy Turner

Associate Professor in Theatre and Performance


Extension: 2426

Telephone: 01392 722426

Cathy's research principally concerns dramaturgies of place and space. 

I am currently researching the politics of performance festivals in South India, and the ways in which they respond to urbanization. This is a collaboration with NIAS, Bengaluru and MOD Institute, an interdisciplinary urban action and research institute, Berlin/Bengaluru. More information can be accessed here (and will grow as the project develops):

My other current research concerns gardens as spaces of performance, moving beyond the familiar image of outdoor theatre to investigate automata, hired hermits, naumachia, rituals, entertainments, performance art and much more. Gardens and performance have expressed and continue to express our relationship with the non-human, as well as with each other, through a spectrum of performance activities. 

I am always interested in walking performances, and am a core member of artists' collective, Wrights & Sites.

Key publications include Dramaturgy and Architecture: Theatre, Utopia and The Built Environment (2015), nominated for the TAPRA David Bradby award, 2017; Dramaturgy and Performanc, 2nd Edition (2016), with Synne Behrndt; A Mis-Guide to Anywhere (2006) with Wrights & Sites - one of a series of published 'Mis-Guides' which provide provocations for disrupted walking.

I welcome PhDs on walking art, performance and landscape, performance and architecture, Indian performance art, dramaturgy and performance writing.

My research blog can be found at

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