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Dr Evelyn O'Malley



Extension: 4776

Telephone: 01392 724776

I joined the department of drama at Exeter in 2016, having worked as a lecturer in theatre at Falmouth University.

My research interests are within the emerging field of the environmental humanities, with current projects looking at Shakespeare in the weather, ecology and Shakespeare in contemporary performance, performing weathering, climate-change, and atmosphere. My PhD, undertaken at Exeter and supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, focused on the reception of outdoor Shakespeares, place, weather, and site-based performance using ethnographic methodologies. I am currently developing this work for publication as a monograph on 'Weathering Shakespeare: audiences, affective atmospheres and performance in the open air'.

I am a co-investigator on the interdisciplinary NERC-funded Climate Stories project. I am also working on two linked practice-based projects around the sea and coastal areas. The first, 'Taking the Ferry', concerns the nonhuman performance of the Irish sea between Dun Laoghaire and Holyhead as a site for women’s abortion journeys, and the other, 'Dancing as the tide comes in', considers what it means to keep dancing in response to global sea-level rise, thinking through questions of identity, heritage, and diaspora. 

My original training was in musical theatre at the Arts Educational Schools, London, and that background in practice and subsequent professional performance work continues to inform my research and teaching.