Professor Rebecca Loukes

Research supervision

I am open to discussing research proposals on any relevant subject given my research expertise.  I am especially happy to consider working with candidates with interests in the following areas:

·         Practices and histories of performer training

·         Practices and histories of devising

·         Intercultural and interdisciplinary approaches to performance

·         Women and performance

·         Practice as Research

Research students

Currently supervising:

  • Zhiyue Hu ‘Representing East Asian Identities on British Stages in the Twenty-first Century.’
  • Giorgia Ciampi ‘The Actor’s Expression of Affectivity: a Phenomenological and Intercultural Study’.


Graduated students:

  • Effrosyni Mastrakalou (2017) ‘Exploring ‘Optimal’ States of Consciousness in Michael Chekhov’s Psychological Gesture: Towards a New Phenomenological Paradigm.’
  • Ellie Nixon (2016) ‘”The Poetic Body”: Jacques Lecoq and Gaston Bachelard’.
  • Bonghee Son (2015) ‘Korean Performer Training and the ‘Cosmopolitan’ Performer’.
  • Kelly Miller (2015) ‘Artistic Gymnastics as Performer Training’.
  • Sam Grogan (2014) ‘”I’m Doing it But I’m So in the Moment”: Towards a Language of Optimal Performance in Dance Theatre’.
  • Hui-Yun Chen (2012) ‘In Search of ‘Taiwaneseness’: Reconsidering Taiwanese Xing-ju from a Post-colonial Perspective’.
  • Maria Kapsali (2013) ‘Yoga and Actor Training’.
  • Jeungsook Yoo (2008) ‘Towards a Korean Language and Psychophysical Process of Approaching Acting and Actor Training’.