Dr Katie Beswick

Research interests

◦    Space and Place

◦    Social Housing

◦     Class politics

◦    Applied and Socially Engaged Theatre

◦    Postcolonialism

◦    Race and Racism

◦    Street Performance


Recent and On-Going Research

I am interested in understanding how arts practices create, reinforce, resist or otherwise feed into established discourses about the world.

To date, the majority of my work has focussed on the realtionship beween British council estates, or 'social housing estates', and theatre and performance practices. I am currently writing a monograph, indicatively titled Social Housing in Performance, which explores the ways in which ideas about council estates and their residents are produced through popular culture, and how performance practices have responded to this wider discourse.

My new project, Cultures of the Street, looks at street culture in global cities.


Research collaborations

I have worked with the theatre company Phakama to analyse the outcomes of our project, 'Ten in a Bed' - where we worked with under 5s and their families in Tower Hamlets, London, using arts-based workshops to enhance literacy. 

I worked with academics from the University of Leeds, the Open University and Freie Universität Berlin on the 'Postcolonial Cities' project, resulting in an international conference held at the University of Leeds (2012) and a special issue of the peer-reviewed journal 'Interventions' (2015).

I have worked with numerous instiutions to develop and deliever performance projects with students, including National Coal Mining Museum England, Thackray Medical Museum and the Montgomery School, Exeter.