Photo of  John Somers

John Somers

Research through practice

  • 2014 - Will direct a new site-specific production in Payhembury to commemorate the outbreak of WW1. He has received permission from the Australian niece of Albert Willis to use his real name and to have an actor portray Albert in the central role. Albert Willis’ name is on the Payhembury war memorial.
  • 2013 December - Travels to Taiwan to work in four locations there.
  • 2013 November - Directing a new production for Tale Valley Community Theatre (
    It comprises fifteen scenes which, following a major workshop led by playwright and director Nick Stimson and one of John’s ex students, were written by twelve new playwrights.
  • 2012 - John was invited to Poland by Drama Way, a successful theatre company led by his ex-students following their MA in Applied Drama at Exeter.
  • 2010 - New Interactive Theatre programme made in Brno, Czech Republic on the topic of Roma children in Czech society.
  • 2010 - Six new theatre initiatives created in Poland for use in rural and urban communities.
  • 2010 - Original filmscript Winner Takes All, subject of new film produced by me and shot by PhotoTropic.
  • 2010 - Original theatre script, Sunnyside.
  • 2010 - Original theatre/film script Leave it to me.
  • 2009 - Production and direction of original alfresco version of Wind in the Willows;
  • 2008 - Development and performance of eighteen new monologues.  Storyboarding and filming of these.
  • 2008 - Runaway a film collaboration with Pangea TV
  • 2006/7 - Development of a new community play Foresight.
  • 2008 - Development of original Interactive Theatre programme, Czech Republic.
  • 2006 - Practice Imperfect a new interactive theatre programme on stress in the veterinary profession.  Toured to London and nationally.
  • 2006 - New interactive theatre project on domestic violence developed at Warsaw University.
  • 2005 - Leave Off! an interactive Theatre in Education anti-bullying programme.
  • 2005 - Three interactive theatre programmes developed in Greece.
  • 2004/5 To the Core – a new play about eating disorders toured in Devon and Somerset.
  • 2003    On the Edge – this play secured funding of £160,000 for a national, six-month tour by the theatre company, Exstream, of which I am Artistic Director.
  • 2002    The Living at Hurford – a play for rural communities in the aftermath of foot and mouth disease (gained funding for production in rural communities and South West theatre tour).
  • 2002    A Present for Anna – an interactive Theatre Programme this play secured funding of £43,000 for a national tour;
  • 2003    Smarty Scores Again – a community play written and directed by me in a Devon village;
  • 2001    Put up or Shut up – an interactive play on bullying, toured in Devon;
  • 2001    Island of Understanding, an interactive play on racism.  Funding is being sought for a national tour.
  • 2000    Parson Terry’s Dinner – a community play written and directed by me in a Devon community.