Dorinda Hulton

Honorary Senior Research Fellow


Dorinda is a Honorary Senior Research Fellow in Drama and freelance Theatre Director and Dramaturg.

Her research, professional practice, and teaching focus on ‘the creative actor’ and the development of processes that facilitate innovative theatre making.

Her writings include chapters on Joseph Chaikin for Twentieth Century Actor Training (Routledge) and ‘the creative actor’ in Theatre Praxis (Macmillan).

As Director and Dramaturg she has investigated contemporary performance of ancient Greek texts with Foursight Theatre, UK. Research outcomes include articles and DVDROM for The Open University and The Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama, University of Oxford.

With Echo Arts, Cyprus, she acted as dramaturg for an interdisciplinary performance of new work, entitled one square foot, which represented Cyprus at the New Plays from Europe Festival in Wiesbaden, Germany (2006). Research outcomes include articles for the Performance and Art Journal and Studies in Theatre and Performance.

Dorinda is Artistic Consultant to Theatre Alibi, UK, a company dedicated to creating contemporary story theatre.

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Selected Research Based Publications in traditional print (after January 2010)

i) (2010) ‘Joseph Chaikin and aspects of actor training’ in A.Hodge (ed.), Actor Training, London: Routledge. This is a lengthened chapter in a second edition of Twentieth Century Actor Training, A.Hodge (ed.) (2000), reprinted in 2002, 2002 (twice), 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and translated into Japanese, Galician and Polish.

ii) (2010) ‘I see you but I don’t see you dying’ in R.Brocklehurst (ed.), Performance Research Journal 15.1, London: Routledge.

iii) (2010) ‘Joseph Chaikin: the presence of the actor’ in P.Thomson (ed.), Studies in Theatre and Performance, Bristol: Intellect.

iv) (2013) ‘The Silence of Eurydice: A Case Study for a Topology of Democracy’ in L.Hardwick (ed.), Classics in the Modern World: a Democratic Turn? Oxford: Oxford University Press.

v) (2014) ‘Practice as Research in Drama: Classical Receptions inside and outside Academia in L.Hardwick (ed.) Oxford Classical receptions Journal, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Selected Research Based Publications in traditional print (before January 2010)

(2009) ‘The Antigone Project: towards a 'new aesthetic' for creating theatre in a conflict zone’ in S.Kock, I.Ristic (eds.), Theatre in Times of War, Vienna: IG, FreieTheaterarbeit.

(2008) ‘Sites of Micro-Political Theatre’ in B.Marranca, J.Abrams (eds.), PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art, USA: MIT Press Journals.

(2007) The ‘One Square Foot Project’ in P.Thomson (ed.) Studies in Theatre and Performance, Bristol: Intellect.

(2000) Joseph Chaikin and aspects of actor training in A.Hodge (ed.), Twentieth Century Actor Training, London: Routledge.

(1998) ‘Creative Actor (Empowering the Performer)’ in C.McCullough, J.Hilton (eds.), Theatre Praxis, London: Macmillan.

Selected Study materials arising from Research

A DVD-ROM relating to Medea, funded in part by an AHRB small grant, and published initially in 2006 by the Arts Documentation Unit, Exeter, in association with Cambridge University Press is part of the Open University Classics course material internationally over the next 11 years. This documentation includes a video record of a performance directed by Hulton, detailed Director’s notes and a collection of further material, including an outline of training exercises developed during the project by Hulton, and presented publicly in a master class for Nottingham New Stages.

A video published in 2001: BBC Resources-Agamemnon BAP 28091 is part of the Open University European Identity Course material and in use internationally. This documentation is an edited record of a workshop with professional actors, directed by Hulton, on the tapestry scene in David Stuttard’s translation of Agamemnon.

Editor of Working Papers

Feldman, Peter, The Sound and Movement Exercise as developed by the Open Theatre. Theatre Papers, Dartington, 1977. 24pp.; Iyengar,B.K.S., The Art of Relaxation. Theatre Papers. Dartington, 1977. 20pp.; Oida, Yoshi and Hulton, Dorinda, Shinto Training of the Actor. Theatre Papers, Dartington. 1979. 20pp.; Yon, Keith, Word-Music: Word-Play. Communication Therapy with mentally ill adults. Theatre Papers. Dartington, 1979. 40pp.; Bardi, Patricia, The presence of the organs in dancing. Theatre Papers, Dartington. 1979. 30pp.; Yon, Keith, Kent, Bruce, Ward, David,  The Carnegie Report on the Arts for Young People with Special Needs. Theatre Papers, Dartington. 1985. 315pp.; Staniwieski, Wjodeck,  Gardzience. Arts Archives. Exeter, 1993. 35pp.

Other Publications in recognised media

Editor of Mason, Felicity, The Training sessions of Michael Chekhov. Arts Archives, Exeter. 1993. Research and training video; Editor of Cirla, Brigitte, Voice Work. Arts Archives, Exeter. 1994/95. Research and training video; Editor of Hahlo, Richard, An Introduction to Stanislavski for teachers. Arts Archives, Exeter. 1994/95. Research and training video; Editor of Pearson, Mike, Brith Goff. Working Practices. Arts Archives, Exeter. 1994/95. Research and training video; Editor of Luis Castro: Autobiographical Performance Installation. Arts Archives, Exeter. 2000 DVD-ROM.