Postgraduate research students

In Drama at Exeter we're proud of the research carried out by our PhD and MPhil students. There is a large range of research areas being investigated by the 30 students currently working in Drama across our research programmes. Many of the students maintain an online personal profile detailing their research activities. Follow the links below to find out more about our students and their research projects.

Student Research title Lead supervisor
MPhil in Drama
Clark Baim Applied theatre. Dr Kerrie Schaefer
Rosie Bristowe Mapping Living Indian Displays in London's Exhibitions, 1851-1914 Professor Katherine Newey
Narbort Chnige A framework to examine the co-constitutive nature of politics of space and political performance Dr Rebecca Hillman
Sinibaldo De Rosa Transnational and staged adaptations of the semah of the Alevis. Professor Jerri Daboo
Giselle Maria Rebecc Garcia Translation, Adaptation and Flanerie: the Fate of Shakespearean Performance in Manila’s Urban Forms Dr Kara Reilly
Alexandra MacKenzie When you're here, we are here also. An examination of how contemporary sacred re-enactments reveal Mormon faith and strengthen Mormon Identity in the 21st century. Dr Sarah Goldingay
Aparna Mahiyaria Understanding Politics, Aesthetics and Performance: A Study of the Development of Street Theatre in Delhi, India Professor Cathy Turner
Kate Massey-Chase How can my Applied Drama practice support young people in the transition between Child & Adolescent and Adult Mental Health Services? Dr Kerrie Schaefer
Tom Nicholas Representations of regional English cities in contemporary drama Professor Cathy Turner
William Platt Subverting the Spectacle: A Critical Study of Culture Jamming as Activist Performance Professor Stephen Hodge
Rebecca Savory Performing identities in a “hybrid space”: flash mobs in contemporary urban India Professor Jerri Daboo
MPhil in Performance Practice
Francesco Bentivegna The human-cyborg dialogue: an experiential perspective on theatre and synthetic voice. Dr Konstantinos Thomaidis
Elaine Faull Theatre Alibi project Professor Cathy Turner
Elizabeth Philps Parents Performing Walking: how can understandings of walking performance be enhanced through participatory live art works which include children? Professor Cathy Turner
Alison Rockbrand Rite of Performance: Identity Construction in Contemporary Esoteric Performances. Dr Sarah Goldingay
Nick Havergal
Victoria Jassey
PhD in Drama
Meghan Johnston Applied theatre + domestic violence. Dr Kerrie Schaefer