Heart Felt research project

Heart Felt - The Green Man, 2017

Heart Felt

What’s in your heart? How often do you take the time to listen to yours or someone else’s heart?

Created for 2017 Green Man Festival, Heart Felt is an interactive experience to encourage kindness and connection. With the support of Wellcome and in collaboration with Mercurial Wrestler, an interdisciplinary team from Drama, Medicine and Medical Humanities has created a special project investigating individual and collective wellbeing. It's about telling stories using beautifully handcrafted wooden hearts.

THE RITUAL: In Einstein’s Garden, a beautiful tent, a heart chamber, a field full of people. A flag with an emblazoned heart, gold against white. Inside the chamber lies a chest and within this chest are eight wooden hearts. People visit the chamber intrigued by what lies inside. They’re greeted by someone who holds the key to the chest. The key holder opens the chest and gives them a wooden heart. As they give them the heart, they say the following words.

THE WORDS (Repeat three times): Take my heart. I trust you to keep it safe. Write what you hold in your heart and post it inside. This heart is now yours. Pass your heart on, to someone you trust with it. When the heart beats, bring it home to the chamber, and we will tell its stories. Teach them these words.


Research Team: Sarah Goldingay (Drama), Aysha Nathoo (History), Emmylou Rahtz (Medical School), Paul Dieppe (Medical School)