Current grants

A Cultural History of English Pantomime

Katherine Newey is the Principal Investigator for the AHRC-funded project 'A Cultural History of English Pantomime, 1837–1901'. £464,465 (including a 3 year full-time Doctoral Studentship).

A Queer Nation?

Bryce Lease was awarded BIARI seed fund grant for 'A Queer Nation? Public Space, Citizenship & Alternative Sexuality in South Africa'. This project will investigate the intersections between non‐normative sexual identities, minority rights, and public space in South Africa before and after apartheid. This will result in an edited collection on performance and representation of non‐normative sexuality in South Africa, and an online exhibition on alternative sexual identities and drag performance in private and public spaces before and after 1994. Collaborators are Siona O'Connel (University of Cape Town), Danai Mupotsa (University of Witwatersrand), Ian Fong (Chinese University of Hong Kong).

The Southall Story

Jerri Daboo (Principle Investigator) was awarded £165,262 by the AHRC in January 2011 as part of a £196,121 project, entitled 'The Southall Story: a cultural history of Britain's 'Little India' since 1979'.

Recent grants

British Asian Theatre

Graham Ley (Principle Investigator), Jerri Daboo (Co-Investigator) and Stephen Hodge (Co-Investigator) have been awarded £306,021 to research British Asian Theatre, 2004–2009.

Revitalising the Seaside Prom

Jane Milling has been awarded £28,420 from the AHRC for 'Revitalising the Seaside Prom', a practice-led exploration of cultural heritage of live performance in seaside communities and cultural regeneration (2010).

Tarantism and Pizzica

Jerri Daboo has been awarded £22,236 as an AHRC Research Leave grant for research into Tarantism (2008). She was also awarded £2,701 by the British Academy as a Small Grant, and £1,297 by the Wellcome Trust for medical history research for the same project (2008).

Taverns, Locals and Street Corners

Jane Milling has been awarded £100,000 as the Co-Investigator on an AHRC Connected Communities Grant entitled 'Taverns, Locals and Street Corners: Cross-chronological Studies in Community Drinking, Regulation and Public Space'.

Avant-Garde Theatre Sound

Adrian Curtin received a British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant in the amount of £3,413 for work on his book Avant-Garde Theatre Sound.