Award-winning actress, Patricia Boyette, in Beckett’s Rockaby

Acclaimed Beckett Project features in Malta Arts Festival

Phillip Zarrilli, Professor of Performance Practice in the Drama department, has been invited to take his company’s award-winning Beckett Project to the Malta Arts Festival.

The annual Malta Arts Festival covers a wide variety of art forms including theatre, dance, music and art, and is considered the highlight of Malta’s cultural calendar.

Zarrilli was approached by the festival’s Artistic Director following a previous visit in 2011, where he gave an open workshop with his company on the process of psychophysical training he uses to train contemporary actors.

The Beckett Project, which began in 1995 as a collaboration between Phillip Zarrilli, a UK-based director, actor and trainer, and American actress Patricia Boyette, applies a psychophysical approach to the unique demands that Beckett's theatrical minimalism makes on an actor's stamina and awareness. Zarrilli, who has taught at the University since 2000, is internationally known for training actors using this process, which combines yoga and Asian martial arts. The projects’ recent productions of Samuel Beckett's plays in Los Angeles and Austria have won considerable critical acclaim.

“We were overwhelmed by the response in Malta last year,” said Professor Zarilli, “with almost 50 attending the workshop! As a follow-up to my initial visit, the artistic director wanted to programme my work as part of the 2012 Malta Arts Festival.”

During the nine day visit, Zarrilli will direct and perform in two separate evenings of plays by Samuel Beckett, including Happy Days, Ohio Impromptu, Not I, Act Without Words I, and Rockaby.  He will also bring together an all-day Beckett symposium entitled ‘Beckett in Performance: Issues of Embodiment, Consciousness, and Musicality’, and lead a master-class and workshop in his unique psychophysical approach to training performers.

This year's festival will be held between 1-9 July 2012. For more information, visit The Malta Arts Festival. For more information on The Beckett Project, please visit the Phillip Zarrilli website.

Date: 24 February 2012

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