Working Together: Performer Training for Collective Creation (DRA3087)

30 credits

This module will help you to identify, understand, and develop key skills involved in collaboration, and to recognize their applicability to a variety of social and cultural contexts. You will primarily learn through practical research. You will work together as performers, directors, dramaturgs, and scenographers to create a new performance piece from source material other than a play script, e.g. a novel/novella, essays. You will learn about, and put into practice, ensemble creation techniques associated with ARTEL (American Russian Theatre Ensemble Laboratory); these involve strategies for creating performance material (e.g. solo/group composition, chance, games, active analysis) and working with others (including feedback, managing dissent, celebration, etc.) Prior studio-based coursework is essential. The module is relevant for students wanting to make theatre and work with all aspects of this creative act.