Physical Performance: Choreography in Theatre-Making (DRA3084)

30 credits

Are you excited by theatre with a physical emphasis?

The module invites you to explore the role of choreography in theatre-making from the perspectives of creator and performer. It will consider key practitioners and companies of Dance Theatre (tanztheater) and Physical Theatre. It is these genres that focus attention on corporeality. The module will examine a range of movement styles, methodologies and approaches to choreography within these genres as a springboard from which to develop your own choreographic language and to create a substantial collaborative group piece.

The module is open to all students with a serious interest in embodied theatre practice and choreography, and an aptitude for and commitment to group collaboration. Students should also: be open to contrasting approaches to theatre making; be willing to undertake a range of movement enquiries from more gentle somatic-based practice to high energy activities; have a desire to increase their own performance skills (physical and vocal). 

The module may well suit students on interdisciplinary pathways.