Theatre Praxis (DRA3062)

30 credits

The concept of praxis lies at the heart of the pedagogical principles espoused by the Drama Department at the University of Exeter. We observe the necessity for placing theory and practice in dynamic dialogue. This independent research module invites students to critically explore an area of practice and produce a detailed scholarly essay on their chosen subject within the field of theatre and performance. Students will be guided through a series of group research activities before delineating their own research topic. Students will then work one-to-one with their tutor to develop a 8,000 word research essay. By reflecting in critical prose on an area of theatre and performance it is hoped that students will further their dynamic understanding of the interrelationship between theory and practice, between thinking and doing.

Incoming international students welcome, subject to taking all 120 credits in Drama at level 3.  In addition to drama, theatre, and performance students, this module will engage the interest of students from English literature, history, philosophy, and politics