Theatre Practice II: Directing (DRA3009)

30 credits

The Directing Module has two strands.

The first strand is a series of workshops and discussions on approaches to direction. These will continue alongside the second strand for most of the module.

The second strand is working with actors on two projects for presentation. The first project will be to direct a duologue with actors from the interpretative acting module.

The duologues will be chosen by the Directors and cast by the course leader.
They will be presented in week 6

In the second project Directors will work with actors from both Interpretative Acting and others they may cast. Choices re material and approach are made by Directing students BUT actors collaborate fully within creative/interpretative processes rather than being told what to do! Each Directing student writes a ‘treatment’ outlining the proposed material and approach and, separately, a list of actors they would like to cast. Actors will get copies of these in Week 5. Then actors will hand in their first, second and third choices for roles at the beginning of week 6. Casting will be done by tutors by the end of Week 6. Rehearsals will begin at the beginning of Week 7. Tutors will supervise groups of students between them.)