Research Preparation and Writing Skills (DRAM102)

15 credits

The research skills necessary for postgraduate study are varied and involved, and not all of them are introduced during undergraduate courses. Designed for new postgraduates in both taught and research courses, this module gives you the chance to establish the advanced reading, writing and research skills necessary to undertake an independent research project in Drama. Specific skills you’ll focus on include bibliographical techniques, methods of referencing, library techniques and use of IT for research in Drama. You’ll also be introduced to subject specific modes and methods of research such as practice-based research and semiotic analysis of performance, as well as qualitative research methods like ethnographic fieldwork, participant observation, and interview. You will be asked to write a performance analysis in the first term. In the second term you will work to develop your own research project as the member of a research team, including developing research methodologies and research questions, and developing an annotated bibliography. Finally, you will give a conference length presentation to your colleagues in preparation for working on you Master’s thesis. The goal of the course is to equip you with the necessary toolkit for you to undertake a major research project.