Versioning Shakespeare (DRA3081)

30 credits


This module invites you to consider how Shakespeare’s work may be versioned, i.e. adapted, reimagined, and re-presented. Shakespeare’s plays are not permanently fixed. They are not simply literary artefacts. They are performance-based works-in-process. As such they invite creative reinterpretation on the part of theatre artists.


In this module we will practically explore how Shakespeare’s plays can be rewritten, mashed-up, improvised and shortened, used as inspiration for physical theatre, and made ‘experiential’. You will engage in individual and collaborative devising tasks throughout the term; this will culminate in a devised group project that ‘versions’ Shakespeare in some manner.


Students wishing to take this module should have some familiarity with Shakespeare’s plays as well as an aptitude for devising. Students must have already taken Acting and Not Acting (DRA1004) and Staging the Text (DRA2067). This module (DRA3081) is co-listed with DRAM122 and will include postgraduate students. You will mostly work with your own degree cohort. One session per week will be self-directed.