Dramaturgy and Creative Writing (DRA3039)

30 credits

Pre-requisite Modules: DRA1004 Acting and Not Acting and DRA2067 Staging the Text

This module combines the development of your own creative writing with an introduction to the role of the dramaturg (understood as moving between facilitator, sounding board, creative advisor, literary critic, researcher and archivist). During the module, you will undertake practical work as a dramaturg, working with students on another module or approved production. You will provide dramaturgical support to this context, in a relationship to be negotiated between you and supported by your tutor. Alongside this, in 6 hours of taught sessions per week, you will: improve skills in play and performance analysis; historicise and theorise dramaturgy and the dramaturg; experiment with creative writing for performance; develop each other's writing work; reflect on your practical work as dramaturg. You will write about your dramaturgical work and you will also compose a creative and loose adaptation of a text of your choice, to be agreed with the tutor. The module requires experience in theatre-making, but might be particularly suitable for combined honours English and Drama students.