Lecoq: Theatre of Movement and Gesture (DRA2068)

30 credits

This module aims to introduce you, through practice, to the tools and fundamental principles of Jacques Lecoq’s Theatre of Movement and Gesture.  Of the Dramatic Territories included in his pedagogy we will explore gestural/choral language and the Comic Varieties (cabaret, absurd, the eccentric and ridiculous, personage and clown.)  We will use these forms to propel (not limit) your personal creativity in devised work.

Through  improvisation, observation of the world and it’s movements, the neutral mask, analysis of the body in space, exploration of truthful expression and personal creativity we will look at what Lecoq meant by creating a ‘A theatre that moves’. 

By investigating the underlining principals of Lecoq’s pedagogy, this module is aimed at nurturing the creative instincts of the performer and deviser.  Lecoq often referred to the phrase ‘quelque chose a dire’ (having something to say, no matter how big or small). With this in mind you will work alone, in groups and as a company to generate new material on a weekly basis. These tasks are aimed at developing a resilient, ever playful imagination, less about perfect results.

This module is for students interested in producing a young theatre of new work that puts the audience at the heart of the theatre. The shape of the final performance will be in the style of post-war Paris cabarets, where young artists would string together short, sharp and smartly executed pieces in an evening.

A written portfolio (critical and reflective) will draw together research, studio practice and your creative process. 

Incoming international students and Exeter students from other disciplines welcome, subject to availability. Previous experience in drama, performance or theatre studies and practical experience is strongly recommended.