Applied Drama: Interactive Theatre (DRA2026)

30 credits

The key focus of this module is on Interactive Theatre, which is one form of applied drama. Within this form there are a range of dramatic approaches and structures used by different theatre companies and practitioners. The module looks at ways of employing these within an educational setting. We will focus on Theatre in Education (TIE) and Drama in Education (DIE) and the distinctions between them.

You will be introduced to this in studio sessions taught by the module tutor. You will also research and present on one Theatre in Education company, working in small groups.

In small groups (of 3 or 4), students then research a specified area (either an identified audience or an issue/topic) and create an Interactive Programme. This programme is performed in the penultimate week of term to the audience for which it was created.

Past programmes have included a multi-sensory performance for pre-school children, drama workshops to support the PSHE curriculum in secondary school, and Theatre-in-Education performances on a range of subjects.

All these areas of interest were identified and researched by the students.

Students following this module will also be required to complete a DBS enhanced disclosure.