Acting Greek Tragedy (DRA2025)

30 credits

Greek tragedies enter into modern performance with great regularity, and many directors and actors find themselves involved with either the more famous or the lesser known plays. The material is dynamic and highly charged, and is often a very attractive proposition, but the problems come with tackling the script and working out how to release its energies and meaning. This module takes on that problem in an informed and creative way, setting out an approach to the way the scripts work as monologues and speeches, as dialogue, in space and with three actors, and how the addition of an authentic Greek mask will radically change what we do as performers with the script and in relation to each other. It is about a way of working rather than a method, and is fully studio-based throughout.

Incoming international students and Exeter students from other disciplines welcome, subject to availability. In addition to students of drama, performance or theatre studies, this module will engage the interest of students with a background in classical studies with a strong interest in the ancient theatre.