Theatre Practice Dance/Choreography (DRA2013)

30 credits

If you want to create your own piece, then this is for you!

Prior knowledge of or experience in dance or choreography is NOT a requirement. The module welcomes open-minded students with an enthusiasm for movement, a willingness to experiment and take creative risks, and the desire to develop their own movement potential and expressive movement vocabulary. It is strongly focused on developing dance compositional skills (not dance technique).

You work together as a large group, in small groups and in pairs in a supportive studio situation. The module enables you to find and/or develop your individual choreographic voice.  The final practical outcome gives you the opportunity to have ownership of your ideas in the creation and performance of your own short solo piece, which is shared with your peers in a celebration of solo pieces.

The module examines choreography within dance as a theatre art, with the emphasis, for pragmatic reasons, on contemporary dance (including dance theatre). As a way of appreciating diverse styles involved in the genre, you will have some ‘taster’ sessions in dance techniques, but effort, not achievement is what matters in these instances. As the module progresses, you will have the opportunity to research an approach, style or area of specific interest to you within the field of choreography, and present a seminar which will inform your solo process. A written portfolio (critical and reflective) will draw together research, studio practice and solo process.