Research and Performance (DRA1012)

30 credits

Research and Performance is an exciting studio-based module that culminates in a festival of performances from each tutor group.

At the start of the term the year cohort is divided into six individual tutor groups. Each tutor will offer a different specialism to their group, this could be anything from Dance Theatre to Commedia dell’Arte to Performance Art. The different areas of research will depend on which tutors are teaching that year. The idea of the module is that you theoretically and practically engage with a particular area of research and develop your own group performance from that exploration. This means that you are not staging a performance for ‘the sake of it’, rather you learn to develop a performance that is critically, creatively and thoughtfully developed from a particular area of research.

You will spend the first part of the term creatively exploring, experimenting and learning about your particular field of research. Then you will move on to creating your final performance pieces. Everyone in the group will perform in the final piece, however you will also have the chance to explore other roles such as creative writing, directing, sound, etc, depending on what is suitable to your particular area of research. Following the showings you will critically reflect on your peers’ performances as well as your own.

You will have an average of six hours taught studio sessions per week as well as self-directed time in which to complete creative tasks and rehearsals. You will also be taught through seminars and lectures. Apart from the in-studio work, you will also complete a number of research tasks, presentations, critical and reflective writing assignments, independent research and reading, as well as other creative assignments as appropriate to your particular area of research.

The sessions are predominantly studio-based, however, throughout the module we encourage you to explore and understand the connections between theory and practice, rather than treat them as separate entities. You will effectively learn how to practice theory and theorise practice.

This module is a great one to get your teeth into. Not only can it expose you to areas of Drama that you didn't even know existed, but is also a great way to discover particular roles that really interest you – you may suddenly discover that you are a closet director or costumier!

Incoming international students and Exeter students from other disciplines welcome, subject to availability. In addition to drama, theatre, and performance students this module will engage the interest of students from English literature, history, philosophy, psychology, music, and politics.