Scott Chester in Sound Studio 1, Alexander Building, Drama

Sound Studio 1, Alexander Building, Thornlea, 2010

Sound Resources

All rehearsal studios and teaching rooms have sound playback systems, with additional systems in all spaces used for performance work.

There are two permanent sound recording studios in the Alexander Building, which can be booked out by any Drama student after a short induction. Modules such as Digital Theatrecrafts go into more detail in how to make best use of the studios, looking at techniques for creation of montage soundscapes using found sounds and existing sound effects, and for foley.

The Macs in the studios have Logic Pro software for digital recording, editing and multi-track recording, and a networked storage drive for recording work. As the Macs are all networked, you can work in either studio, or on any of the Multimedia Studio Macs to edit your work. Macs in performance spaces are on the same network, making playback of files simple.

We have a large collection of sound effects covering everything from a thunderstorm to a breaking wine bottle. These can be accessed from the sound studios or from the technical office. If you only need a single sound effect, see the technical staff.

There are also recordings of English accents and dialects which may be useful.

The Roborough Studio control room (the main performance space) houses the playback facilities used during performances. Some equipment is shared between the two, but both spaces are well equipped.

The Technical Office in the Alexander Building houses portable digital recorders for use on location or in rehearsal, and for interview recording for research.

We use Qlab software on Macs for playback of sound and video during performance. Performance spaces are equipped with Macs, and we have additional Macbooks for work in other spaces.

Sound Resources