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Level 18 manual control desk in TS3

Lighting Resources

We have 6 fully-equipped performance studios, all are equipped with a fixed rig of lanterns to achieve a wide variety of effects, and are now all equipped with LED lights for broad colour washes.

A wide range of control desks are available, from manual desks in smaller studios to a state-of-the-art ETC Ion desk in the control room in the Roborough Studio, and Zero 88 FLX desks for other studios.

Students learn how to use the lighting systems on a range of modules, but go into great detail on the Digital Theatrecrafts module.

Lighting Resources


Plans - Roborough

Plans - Alexander Building


  • Lighting - Level 18 Instructions (TS3)
  • Using the Strand 100 Series
  • Using the Strand 200 Series
  • Using the ETC Ion (Roborough Studios)
  • Using the ETC Express (TS1)
  • Using the Zero 88 FLX



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