Studio TS1, Alexander Building

Studio TS1, Alexander Building

Conference in Roborough Studios

Conference in Roborough Studios

Facility Bookings

All of the Drama Department spaces can be booked by Drama students for additional practice and study when they're not already booked for teaching.

A weekly booking system exists to allow students to book spaces whenever necessary. As the buildings are open until 9pm, this allows a considerable amount of self-directed work to take place out of normal hours.

Rehearsal Bookings‌

During vacation periods, the rehearsal studios in the Alexander Building at Thornlea and in Roborough Studios can be booked for external rehearsals and workshops.

Email with your needs and proposed dates for information about rates and availability.

All spaces are equipped with sound systems, wifi and data projectors. Three studios have sprung floors.

Water Coolers with chilled and filtered water are available in both main buildings - please bring a water bottle as we do not use plastic cups. 

More details can be found below:

Conference Bookings

Outside University term-time, and some weekends and evenings, the Drama Department studios and seminar rooms can be booked for external and internal one-off events.

The various spaces at Thornlea provide a high-quality conference environment for small events up to 50 delegates.

Larger groups can be accommodated at the Roborough Studios.


All spaces used for conferences will (by default) have the following equipment:

  • Data projector (2000 lumens)
  • Desktop PC (Windows). We are running Office 2013 on the Windows PCs.
    The larger rooms (TS1, TS2, TS3) have Macbooks instead, running Office for Mac 2011. They can still read PC powerpoints etc. and technical support is available.
    Please bring your Powerpoint presentation on a USB memory stick - we'll load it onto the appropriate PC/Mac in advance of your presentation.
    We can also supply PC/Mac remotes for wireless powerpoint control (with laser pointer built-in).
  • Various adaptors for your own PC or Mac to connect to projector
  • Sound system (connection via laptop headphone port)
  • DVD player (Multi-region) / CD player / VHS player (PAL) connected to projector and sound system
  • Wi-fi or cabled internet access
  • Guest login accounts are available for delegates to use to access the University Wi-fi service.

More complex audio-visual setups, including fully-designed stage lighting, can be arranged at extra cost.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no parking available for conference delegates at Thornlea. There are two accessible parking spaces which may be used by holders of disabled car badges.

If you have additional specific requirements or any questions about practicalities or facilities, please email Jon Primrose, Technical Manager at