Sound and AV in Roborough

A wide variety of sound & AV configurations are possible in Roborough Studios.

Every studio has an equipment rack for use in sessions or rehearsals containing a mixing desk with effects, CD player, USB media player, DVD/VHS player, iPod connection and amplifier. Each rack can accept up to 3 microphone inputs and an external input (e.g. from iPod / MP3 player or laptop). A pair of speaker connections completes the system.

There are also three projection trolleys, each with a data projector, laptop (Windows 7), amplifier and JBL Control 5 speakers for general session use.

A more complex system is available for use in larger scale events / productions:

  • Amplifiers
    • 2 x Yamaha CP2500S 500W amplifier
    • 1 x Yamaha CP7000S 1.4kW amplifier (sub)
    • 1 x DB Technologies MPA504 500W amplifier
    • 1 x Samson Servo 120A amplifier [foyer speaker & 'god' mic]
    • 1 x Omniphonics amplifier [control room show relay]
  • Comms
    • TecPro wired headset system with 6 beltpacks / headsets
  • Effects / Outboard
    • Behringer Ultra DI-Pro
    • MOTU 828Mk2 Firewire sound card
  • Mixing Desk
    • Behringer X32
    • Soundcraft Spirit 8 Mixer (20 into 8 into 2)
  • Microphones
    • A variety of hand-held mics are available, along with three lavalier radio mic kits, two handheld radio mic kit and various pick-up mics.
    • One in-ear-monitor kit available.
  • Playback
    • PowerMac running Qlab 3 multimedia software for sound & video playback through up to 8 outputs
    • CD player
    • Minidisk player
  • Speakers
    • 6 x RCF Art 300 speaker
    • 2 x RCF Art 600 speaker
    • 2 x JBL Control 1
    • 6 x DAP MC12 wedge speaker
    • Variety of unboxed speakers for special uses
  • Installation
    • At least three facilities boxes in each studio space containing microphone, 2 speaker, 2 CAT5 network and headset outlets.