Lighting in Roborough

The three studio spaces that make up Roborough Studios all have full stage lighting capability. Lighting can be controlled from within the space, or from the central control room which overlooks the largest studio - RS2.

Lighting Specifications

  • ETC Ion control desk in the main control room
  • 3 x 24 way Chilli Pro 2.4kW (10A) dimmer racks located in the dimmer room (72 dimmers in total) with full patching to all outlets in the studios via powercon patch panels
  • 168 individual 15A sockets on internally-wired bars in all studios, and around floor level
  • DMX patch allowing control of any dimmer rack from any studio
  • A large variety of lanterns of many ages, mostly manufactured by Strand Lighting
  • Four Vari*Lite VL2201 moving head wide-angle profile (RS2)
  • Two Mac 300 wash moving light (RS2)
  • Manual control by up to three Strand 100 Series or 200 Series manual desks in the studios
  • Large range of Rosco gels in stock, with a range of 24 standard gels always available.
  • Large range of gobos in stock
  • Various lighting effects (flicker flame, effects discs) and a number of practical lighting fittings in stock.
  • Smoke machines and hazer.

Lighting Plans and Information

The rig height in Studio 2 (the main space for large group performances) is 5.4m.

For access we use a Tallescope (elevator model) or one of three Zarges Skymaster ladders. Students receive training from the technical staff before using access equipment.