Studio TS5


Studio rehearsal space
The Alexander Building, Thornlea

Located on the first floor, adjacent to a large circulation & social space, these two rehearsal spaces are separated by a partition wall, which can be opened to create a single large event / meeting space. 
The woodblock floor and natural light make this a pleasant rehearsal space suitable for a range of uses.
While a full blackout isn't currently available as standard, there are blinds on the windows which can cut down outside light sufficiently for most purposes.

TS4 is equipped with a data projector, PC and sound system.
TS5 has a 40 inch LCD TV connected to a PC & sound system.


TS4 Dimensions: 9.1m long, 6.7m wide
TS5 Dimensions: 10m long, 6.7m wide, 3.13m high (to suspended ceiling)
TS4/5 Dimensions: 19.1m long, 6.7-10m wide

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Alexander Building TS4/5