Rehearsal for T3 show Wasted, May 2015

Photo by Matt Austin, 2015

Rehearsal in TS3

Projection screen in TS3
TS3 Projection screen
TS3 Lighting Rig
Old Thornlea Studio (not for use outside Drama website)
Old Thornlea Studio


Studio performance space
The Alexander Building, Thornlea

Situated on the first floor of the Alexander Building, TS3 functions as a rehearsal, seminar and performance space.
The sprung floor makes it ideal for physical and movement work.

A full blackout is possible and there are black curtains which surround the space, making it easy to transform into a performance space.

A data projector (2200 Lumens) is permanently rigged in the room and fills a projection screen at one end of the room. We will shortly install a surround sound audio system in the room to complement the screen.



The stage lighting system has been recently refurbished. The previous system had been salvaged from the Washington Singer Studio which used to be the main performance space until Drama inherited Roborough in 1985. The dimmer racks which were removed in 2002 were built in the early 1970s by Thorn, and were the first example of affordable remotely-controllable electronic dimmers. Now, the lighting bars, dimmers and wiring are new and the dimmers have been repositioned just outside the studio door, rather than being in the roof above! There are 18 brand new dimmers and 36 x 15A outlets in the studio (see plan below). Control is by either a Zero 88 FLX, ETC Nomad, or Strand 200 series.

In addition TS3 contains a dimmable worklight system, separate from the stage lighting system which allows all users to have more controllable light during normal rehearsal sessions.


Sound is played back from either a Mac laptop in the space, or from the iMac in the adjacent sound studio / control room.

There are speaker outlets around the room enabling multiple configurations.


Before the splendid Alexander Building was constructed, this studio was known as TS1. Many moons ago it had a padded floor, and a considerably less sunny disposition.

Reproduced here for historical interest only is a photo of how 'the padded cell' used to look.

It's had a lick of paint, a new sprung floor, and a new lighting / sound system since then.


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