Wide angle shot during Rhum & Clay Workshop in TS1, May 2015

Photo by Matt Austin, 2015

Studio TS1 during a workshop

Group at the windows in TS1 during workshop, May 2015

Matt Austin, 2015

Workshop in TS1

Studio TS1, Alexander Building

Studio TS1

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TS1 and TS2

Studio performance spaces
The Alexander Building, Thornlea

TS1 and TS2 are the flagship spaces of the Alexander Building. Situated at the north end of the building, on the ground floor, the studios offer a large flexible rehearsal or performance space. The key feature is a full height window overlooking the Hoopern Valley, and a semi-sprung maple wood dance floor. The spaces are adjacent to each other with excellent soundproofing and are overlooked by a discreet control room at high level. The two studios are identical in size.

For performance conditions (or on the rare occasions the weather is not so good outside) a double black curtain can shut out the daylight and transform the space into a black-box performance studio, or sometimes, the curtains can be left open to reveal the outside world to the audience.

Dimensions / Plans:


A state-of-the-art Strand Lighting EC21 dimmer rack serves both studios, each of which contains 48 hard-wired lighting sockets. A Zero 88 FLX or ETC Express 125 lighting desk runs the lighting from either the control room or anywhere in the space. The system is setup so that the rigs in both studios can be in use simultaneously.


A data projector is installed in the centre of the room and can be focussed on the outer wall (left hand wall in TS1, right hand wall in TS2) or on a projection screen hung in front of the window bay.
By default, it's connected to a Macbook on an equipment rack in any corner of the room. It can also connect to one of the control room Macs. The Macs are equipped with Microsoft Office, VLC player and Qlab for multimedia playback, and are connected to the University wi-fi system for registered users. Conference or workshop guests can log in to the Guest wifi system.


An audio-visual equipment rack is permanently in the space, containing Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, MP3 USB playback, along with 3 microphone connections and the possibility to connect an MP3 player or laptop. For performances, sound is played back from either a Mac laptop in the space, or from an iMac in the adjacent control room. Both TS1 and TS2 have separate systems meaning both spaces can be running performances simultaneously.

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