Studio TS1, Alexander Building
Studio TS1
Studio TS3 - Alexander Building
Studio TS3

Studio TS5

Seminar Room 1

White House Studio 1

White House Studio 1

Rehearsal Spaces

The Drama Department has exclusive use of all of the following spaces, which are all equipped to very high standards.

Thornlea: The Alexander Building

TS1 and TS2

  • Large high-ceilinged rehearsal room and performance space. It has a full lighting and sound rig, and has a large north-facing window with beautiful views over Hoopern Valley across to the main campus. A maple wood sprung floor, control room, full ventilation system and full blackout curtains completes this flexible space.
    Dimensions : 9.8m-10.8m long, 9.4m wide
    Maximum occupancy: 50 people
  • Quicktime Virtual Tour of TS2 (Quicktime Required)
  • More information, plans and photos of TS1 and TS2


  • Maple wood sprung floor, full blackout blinds, lighting and sound facilities and a sunny disposition. TS3 was refurbished in 2000. It's used as a general rehearsal room and as an intimate studio performance space. It has an adjacent control room with lighting and sound control facilities.
    Dimensions : 12.2m long, 7.3m wide
    Maximum occupancy: 60 people
  • More information, plans and photos of TS3


  • Polished woodblock floor, chairs and a removable soundproof wall make these rooms useful as rehearsal spaces and also as a large general purpose practical studio to use alongside Roborough.
    TS4 Dimensions: 9.1m long, 6.7m wide
    TS5 Dimensions: 10m long, 6.7m wide, 3.13m high (to suspended ceiling)
    TS4/5 Dimensions: 19.1m long, 6.7-10m wide
    Maximum occupancy: 60 people
  • More information, plans and photos of TS4/5

Seminar Room 1 (SR1)

  • This space in the Alexander Building is equipped with data projection, video, DVD, CD playback as well as PowerPoint projection etc.
    Furniture stock is 40 padded chairs and 8 folding tables
    Dimensions: 7.5m x 7.2m (approx) (55.5sqm total)
    Maximum occupancy: 50

Seminar Room 2 (SR2)

  • On the third floor of the Alexander Building complex, Seminar Room 2 has two whiteboards and a permanent data projection for playback of video and DVD. There is also a surround sound system for DVD and CD playback.
    Useful for meetings, gatherings and large group seminars.
    Dimensions: 8.2m long, 6.4m wide
    Maximum occupancy: 50

 General Purpose Rooms (GP1 and GP2)

  • Small meeting room / rehearsal room with a 32" LCD monitor permanently connected to DVD recorder and PC for DVD playback and PowerPoint. A sound system is also installed with a CD player.
    Dimensions: (27.28sqm)
    Maximum occupancy: 20

Thornlea - The White House

Studio 1 (WH1)

  • Polished wooden floor, piano, LCD TV, computer, DVD player, sound playback
    Dimensions: 9.1m x 5.2m

Studio 2 (WH2)

  • Polished wooden floor, LCD TV, computer, DVD player, sound playback
    Dimensions: 7.6m long x 5.3m wide x 2.9m high

Studio 3 (WH3)

  • Dance flooring, full height mirror (no shoes or furniture), LCD TV, computer, DVD player, sound playback
    Dimensions: 7.2m long x 4.6m wide x 2.9m high

Roborough Studios

Three separate studios with vinyl dance floor and sound system. The partition walls between the studios can be removed (by technical staff only) to enlarge the spaces for performance work. All studios are equipped with full lighting rigs. Projection trolleys are stored on site and can be accessed by trained students or staff and deployed anywhere within the rooms.

More about Roborough Studios

  • RS1 - Dimensions: (112.30sqm)
  • RS2 - Dimensions: (151.70sqm)
  • RS3 - This room also contains a scenery store. Dimensions: (103.70sqm)

Hiring Spaces for Rehearsals and Conferences

All of the above spaces can be hired for events during vacations and some weekends.