Opening times

Term time: 8.30am - 9pm Monday - Friday during term times.

Vacations: buildings close at 5pm.

Drama students need their University Card to access the buildings after 5pm during term-time.

For detailed access information please visit AccessAble.

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Alexander Building

Rehearsal spaces

TS1 and TS2 are the flagship spaces of the Alexander Building. Situated at the north end of the building on the ground floor, the studios offer a large flexible rehearsal or performance space. The key feature is a full height window overlooking the Hoopern Valley, and a semi-sprung maple wood dance floor. The spaces are adjacent to each other with excellent soundproofing and are overlooked by a discreet control room at high level. The two studios are identical in size.

For performance conditions (or on the rare occasions the weather is not so good outside) a double black curtain can shut out the daylight and transform the space into a black-box performance studio, or sometimes, the curtains can be left open to reveal the outside world to the audience.

Dimensions / Plans


A state-of-the-art Strand Lighting EC21 dimmer rack serves both studios, each of which contains 48 hard-wired lighting sockets. A Zero 88 FLX or ETC Nomad controls the lighting from either the control room or anywhere in the space. The system is setup so that the rigs in both studios can be in use simultaneously.

See also the Technical Resources page for more lighting paperwork.


A data projector is installed in the centre of the room and can be focussed on the outer wall (left hand wall in TS1, right hand wall in TS2) or on a projection screen hung in front of the window bay. 
By default, it's connected to a Macbook on an equipment rack in any corner of the room. It can also connect to one of the control room Macs. The Macs are equipped with Microsoft Office, VLC player and Qlab for multimedia playback, and are connected to the University wi-fi system for registered users. Conference or workshop guests can log in to the Guest wifi system.


An audio-visual equipment rack is permanently in the space, containing Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, MP3 USB playback, along with 3 microphone connections and the possibility to connect an MP3 player or laptop. For performances, sound is played back from either a Mac laptop in the space, or from an iMac in the adjacent control room. Both TS1 and TS2 have separate systems meaning both spaces can be running performances simultaneously.

Situated on the first floor of the Alexander Building, TS3 functions as a rehearsal, seminar and performance space. The sprung floor makes it ideal for physical and movement work.

A full blackout is possible and there are black curtains which surround the space, making it easy to transform into a performance space. A data projector (3500 Lumens) is permanently rigged in the room and fills a projection screen at one end of the room. We will shortly install a surround sound audio system in the room to complement the screen.



The stage lighting system has been recently updated with new dimmers (2018).
The previous system had been salvaged from the Washington Singer Studio which used to be the main performance space until Drama inherited Roborough in 1985. The dimmer racks which were removed in 2002 were built in the early 1970s by Thorn, and were the first example of affordable remotely-controllable electronic dimmers. Now, the lighting bars, dimmers and wiring are new and the dimmers have been repositioned just outside the studio door, rather than being in the roof above! There are 18 brand new dimmers and 36 x 15A outlets in the studio (see plan below). Control is by either a manual desk (Zero 88 Level 18) or Strand 200 series, or an Arri Mirage memory desk.

In addition TS3 contains a dimmable worklight system, separate from the stage lighting system which allows all users to have more controllable light during normal rehearsal sessions.


Sound is played back from either a Mac laptop in the space, or from the iMac in the adjacent sound studio / control room. There are speaker outlets around the room enabling multiple configurations.

Located on the first floor, adjacent to a large circulation & social space, these two rehearsal spaces are separated by a partition wall, which can be opened to create a single large event / meeting space.  
The woodblock floor and natural light make this a pleasant rehearsal space suitable for a range of uses. 

While a full blackout isn't currently available as standard, there are blinds on the windows which can cut down outside light sufficiently for most purposes.

TS4 is equipped with a data projector, PC and sound system. 
TS5 has a 40 inch LCD TV connected to a PC & sound system.


TS4 Dimensions: 9.1m long, 6.7m wide
TS5 Dimensions: 10m long, 6.7m wide, 3.13m high (to suspended ceiling)
TS4/5 Dimensions: 19.1m long, 6.7-10m wide

This space in the Alexander Building is equipped with data projection, video, DVD, CD playback as well as PowerPoint projection etc. Furniture stock is 40 padded chairs and 8 folding tables.

Dimensions: 7.5m x 7.2m (approx) (55.5sqm total)
Maximum occupancy: 50

On the third floor of the Alexander Building complex, Seminar Room 2 has two whiteboards and a permanent data projection for playback of video and DVD. There is also a surround sound system for DVD and CD playback.  Useful for meetings, gatherings and large group seminars.

Dimensions: 8.2m long, 6.4m wide 
Maximum occupancy: 50

Small meeting room / rehearsal room with a 32" LCD monitor permanently connected to DVD recorder and PC for DVD playback and PowerPoint. A sound system is also installed with a CD player. 

Dimensions: (27.28sqm)
Maximum occupancy: 20

Computer facilities

A cluster of eight Windows PCs is available in the Alexander Building for Undergraduate students to use between classes or for writing and research.

There's a networked printer in the room which all of the computers can print to, and all students have Office365 accounts for email, online storage and a host of collaboration tools. 

The Postgraduate Computer Room in the Alexander Building is accessible 24 hours to postgraduate students of the Drama Department.

The Windows cluster PCs have Microsoft Office installed along with the usual internet applications.
Documents and other work can be stored on the OneDrive which is part of the Office365 suite of services which all students have access to. 

The computers can print to one of the networked printers around the building.

In addition, there are three iMac computers for video and multimedia editing.

All teaching spaces have a PC on the same networked system, so students and staff can log in to their workspace and retrieve files easily.

The Drama buildings have excellent wifi coverage, and you can connect easily using a laptop or mobile device.

Drama-specific computing facilities include two Sound Studios and a Multimedia Studio equipped with iMac computers with custom-written guide notes.

The Drama technical team provide support for all of the practical facilities and IT systems.

Virtual Tour

Join us on a virtual tour to explore our facilities online.

Additional facilities

Other facilities within the Alexander building include a costume store, prop store and workshop.


Unfortunately parking is not available for students. Visitors may park, subject to space being available, and must sign in at reception and request a visitors permit AND pay & display a ticket. The pay & display machine is next to the reception desk.