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Guide to facilities

Rooms available to book

Digital Humanities Seminar 1

Seminar Room 1 contains our flagship videowall, which can be set up for presentation or for groupwork, with up to 9 separate inputs. 

We have several guides available on the best use of the video wall, including a guide to facilities, a video wall quickstart guide, and advice on how to get the best out of the video wall for teaching. We also have a detailed presentation on using the video wall for teaching

The full terms of booking Seminar Room 1 can be found in the following document: Seminar Room 1 terms of use.

Digital Humanities Seminar 2 (B.02)

Seminar Room 2 is bookable through the central room bookings system, and is particularly suited to small-group screenings for film and video material. 


Our mini MakerSpace is equipped with a graphics workstation for 3D manipulation and processing, and two Makerbot 3D printers. It can also be used for small object photography for photogrammetry, and we have two portable 3D scanners that can be used in the Lab or in the field.

Breakout space

Our breakout space can be used for ad hoc discussions, groupwork and meetings. There are three pod areas available to use informally or to book, each clustered around a display screen which can be connected to display from a laptop. 

Lab 1 - Photography

Lab 1 is our primary photographic lab, and contains our copystand for rapid 2D digitisation of flat material such as photographs, posters, letters and loosely-bound books. 

Lab 2 - Demonstrations and Training

Lab 2 is a flexible space for working with any portable equipment that needs a controlled environment; it has daylight balanced overhead lighting, regulated ventilation and sufficient space for demonstrations to groups of up to 20. It is normally configured for our portable conservation copy cradle, which is particularly suitable for bound volumes and small-scale material requiring conservation-safe handling.

Lab 3 - Audio Visual

The studio space in Lab 3 can be booked for recording and editing sound and video for educational and promotional content. It features an L-shaped main studio area, suitable for two-camera video interviews, and has an acoustically-designed environment to ensure high-quality sound recording with minimised external noise.


For information on using our facilities, please see our bookings and loans page.