Digital Humanities Lab

The Digital Humanities Lab is a state of the art facility offering unique spaces, equipment and training for staff and students. A specialist team conducts and supports innovative Digital Humanities research, offers training and teaching, and undertakes the digital preservation and display of historic material and artefacts using advanced technologies.


The University of Exeter has invested £1.2m in a new Digital Humanities lab. This research space enables the examination, preservation and analysis of historical, literary and visual material. The new facilities confirm the University of Exeter’s position at the forefront of international research into historical and cultural artefacts.


In the new space, researchers can curate digital exhibitions, carry out high-resolution photography of manuscripts and other visual materials, and create professional quality video and audio recordings. They are able to create digital facsimiles of the objects, allowing them to be handled and understood in a virtual space, protecting the original artefacts for future generations.

Enriching student learning

Digital Humanities is increasingly important in all areas of humanities research, including history, archaeology, literatures and languages. The University of Exeter’s investment will allow new activities and training to take place, and ensure that Digital Humanities can be incorporated into undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research.

Our expertise

In addition to our space and equipment, the Digital Humanities Lab represents an expert team of researchers and practitioners, engaged within a wider network across the university and the global Digital Humanities community.

Our facilities
  • a flagship seminar room equipped with a 4.2-metre video wall, encouraging interactive engagement in a shared display space;
  • two state-of-the-art photography labs, including provision for the 2D digitisation of heritage material and primary sources;
  • an audio-visual lab with a recording studio and sound editing suite;
  • a MakerSpace equipped with 3D scanning and printing equipment.
Bookings and loans

Lab spaces are available to be booked for seminars, events, videoscreenings, exhibitions, workshops, and for research and project work. Equipment is available to loan for research and teaching, including professional quality still and video cameras, and audio recorders.