Staff profiles

Dr Paul Scade

Honorary University Fellow

I am currently a post-doctoral Research Fellow in the Philosophy Department at the Central European University in Budapest where I am working on various questions surrounding Stoic ontological thought and the relationship between Plato and early Stoicism.  In particular, I am interested in Stoic thought on limit entities (see my forthcoming publications below) and universals and am currently working on a book examining Stoic ontology as a whole.

My other research interests include Plato’s metaphysical thought and his political views, especially as they appear in the Republic.  I also work on the controversial American philosopher Leo Strauss and hope to produce a book on this topic for the OUP series Classics in Theory as soon as my other commitments allow.

I spent ten years in the Department of Classics and Ancient History at Exeter from 1997-2007, starting with an undergraduate degree in Ancient History before moving on the write my doctoral thesis on Plato’s influence on Stoicism.  I taught at Exeter for three years, first as a Teaching Fellow and then as Lecturer in Ancient Philosophy.  After leaving Exeter in 2007 I held a Visiting Assistant Professorship in the Philosophy Department at the University of Pittsburgh before moving on to CEU.  I currently live in Berlin, where my wife, who also completed her Ph.D. in the Classics department at Exeter, works as a Research Fellow in the Ancient Medicine project at Humboldt University.

Forthcoming Publications

‘Plato and the Ontology of Stoic Limits’ in A. Long (ed.), Plato and the Stoics, Cambridge University Press.

‘Stoic Cosmological Limits and their Platonic Background’, in V. Harte, M.M. McCabe, R. Sharples and A. Sheppard (eds.), Aristotle and the Stoics Reading Plato, Institute of Classical Studies supplement.