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Professor Daniel Ogden

Research students

I am happy to consider supervising PhD theses on a broad range of topics in Greek History, Literature and Religion. My existing publications ('Research' tab) are the best guide to my own particular interests.

I have hitherto supervised PhD theses on the following subjects: 'The Representation of Demagogues in Old Comedy'; 'Aspects of Women in Herodotus'; 'Women, Warfare and Power in Hellenistic Historiography'; 'Theriomorphic Cults of Thessaly and Arcadia';  'Magic and the Roman Emperors';  'Anodoi : the Return of Heroes from the Underworld'; 'The Seleuicids, their Coins and their Gods'; 'Travel Narratives in the Second Sophistic'; 'The Agenda of Xenophon’s Anabasis'; 'Alexander the Great in Early Christian Literature'; and 'Late-Antique Ante-Homerica.'

I have external-examined PhDs, nationally and internationally, on the following subjects: 'Medea in Silver-Latin Literature'; 'Rationalisation of Greek Myth'; 'Returns from the Dead in Greek Tragedy'; 'The Decline of Delphi'; 'Kingship and Representation among the Diadochi'; 'Ghosts in Greek Tragedy'. 'Monsters in Greek Literature'; 'The Alexander Romance in Persian Tradition'; and 'The Apophthegms of Philip II.'